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Konekto is an app-based platform made to support build a business reputation and develop networks in the digital era. This application is also made to develop infrastructure and business connectivity. Business actors such as SMEs, distributors, suppliers, and logistic partners will get easier access to e-commerce, payments, and warehouse and logistics infrastructure.


Digital business

Shifting consumer behavior from offline to online

Easier connection

Shorten the complicated communication chain

Increase margin

Accommodating domestic supply in Indonesia through business infrastructure development

Launch Your Business in 3 Steps

Konekto supports you to digitize your business and expand your business network. In just 3 quick steps, your business page can be created and you can share it with your customers through various social media channels.

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With Konekto you can find various businesses around you and in other locations

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Through the community in the Konekto application, I find it very helpful to meet with similar entrepreneurs so that I can get business insights from different entrepreneurs.

Ulfa Electronic Needs Distributor

I have been greatly helped to increase the visibility of my business as a legal consultant by using Konekto.

Hari Notonegoro Law Consultant

I find it very helpful in terms of promoting my business with the storefront feature in Konekto which can also be shared via social media.

Irsad Prasetya Owner of Souvenir Shop

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Ralali.com Head Office
Blugreen Office - Level 8, Jalan Lingkar Luar Barat no. 88 Puri Kembangan, Jakarta Barat, 11610, Indonesia
Phone Number
1500 465


Using Konekto as an individual account means that you do not register your business information. As an individual account, you can only use limited Konekto services, such as groups, creating posts, building connections by adding friends, and keeping track of your finances.

By registering as a business account, you can use all of Konekto's services. You will get your digital business card, ability to create a group, create an Online Storefront, and use the TokoPOS application that already integrated with Konekto.
  1. Click on Profile menu
  2. Choose Detail
  3. On Business Info tab, click Create Business Account
  4. Complete your business information data
    1. Fill in Business Entity Type with Personal or Corporate according to your business information
    2. Choose the Business Type & Sub-Business Type which is the information on what field your business is running
    3. Enter the Business Link/URL (if any) that will be displayed on your business card. We recommend you to fill in your online storefront's link
    4. Click Next and take picture of your identity card (KTP)
    5. Click Next and take selfie with your identity card (KTP)
    6. Click Next and choose your business card variation
    7. Click Next and review all of your information
    8. You can click Edit if you want to adjust the information
    9. Click Confirm if all of the data is already correct
    10. You will receive a notification from Konekto when your account is already verified
Online Storefront is a feature that allows you to do online sales. You can share your product catalog link with your customers and they can make purchases online via a web browser without downloading any applications. All sales will be recorded and you can process them through the TokoPOS application.
  1. Click on Profile menu
  2. Choose My Online Storefront, you will be directed to TokoPOS Back Office
  3. Click Settings
  4. Choose tab Store, then click Online Storefront
  5. You can set your store information:
    1. Open/Close Store. When you close your store, customers will not be able to purchase your product online
    2. Image (with ratio 3:1)
    3. Store Information: Name, WA Number (which can be contacted by customers), Other Information
    4. Domain Link that can be shared to your customers. This link is permanent and cannot be changed
    5. Product Catalog
    6. Promotion Link, you can put all of your channel link such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  6. After you finished the settings, make sure you click Save
If you want to see the full guide of how to use all of the features, you can click these link:
After setting up the Online Storefront, make sure you download the TokoPOS application to process the orders that occur. You can log in to TokoPOS using the same number registered at Konekto.
  1. You can see all of the orders that occur by clicking the Online Storefront on the side menu, then select the Orders tab. You can click on Details to view the order details and process it.
  2. To process the orders, please note that you need to open the Shift on the Sales or Shift menu.
  3. When you click on order details, you will see the details of the orders placed by the customer. You can do these 2 actions:
    • Confirm Order
      You will be directed to WhatsApp and there will be a confirmation chat template that has been provided by TokoPOS.
    • Process Order
      If the order has been confirmed, you can process the order by clicking this button. After the order is completed, a Sales Receipt will be generated automatically by TokoPOS.
  4. You can view all orders that have occurred on the Processed Orders tab or on the Receipt menu.
  5. To make it easier for you to share the link with your customers, you can access the Share Stores/Items tab. On this tab, you can share your product catalog, store profiles, and the items you sell on various social media. You can also share a category or a specific list of items.
You must register as a business account to make a request to create a group.
  1. Click on Profile menu
  2. Choose Help Center
  3. Click Request Now
  4. You will be directed to the group submission form
  5. The Ralali Team will notify you when the group you submitted has been successfully created
In order to affiliate the group to the Online Storefront, you need to contact the group owner first. Then the group owner will contact the Ralali team to affiliate your Online Storefront to that certain group.
  1. To add friends, you can click on Connect button on your friends list at the Friends menu
  2. You can also add friends by searching to their phone numbers
    1. Click button search on Friends menu
    2. Fill in the phone number
    3. Click Add Friend
  1. Click Cash Management menu to make your business' daily report
  2. Click Add Income & Expense to add your income and expense of the day
  3. After finish, click Save and your new record will be added
  1. Choose Debt menu to see all of your records
  2. Click + button to add a new record
  3. Choose whether it's a receivable or payable record
  4. Enter the amount of money
  5. Fill in the due date
  6. Choose a friend/contact for this record
  7. Add description if needed
  8. Save your record
  9. Your new record will appear on this tab:
    1. Overdue: if the record already passed the due date
    2. Today: if the record due today
    3. Upcoming: if the record due on the upcoming date
Konekto Points are the points that you get by doing missions or quests in the Konekto. Later on, you can redeem these points for vouchers and other services provided by Ralali.com.
You can get the points by doing Quests or Daily Mission
  1. Quest
    Click on the Quest tab and you can see list of quests along with the point reward. You can pick on the quest that you want to do.
  2. Daily Mission
    You can also earn points by logging into Konekto continuously for 7 days. You can see the login history on the Daily Mission tab.

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